Welcome too the Players page, The players listed below are players currently playing for the Hertfordshire United Fc team.

Current Squad PlayersEdit


Toby Foster 34 American

An experienced American goalkeeper, having played in 6 countries. Safe too have in the net.

Callum Olding 24 English

A talented goalkeeper, who's come through the academy. A tough life has driven him into a top 'keeper. Refuses too be beaten.


Alfie Shields 19 English

An 'experienced' head on young shoulders. Plays like he's 30 but just 19, Incredible defensively, and drives forward knowing exactly what too do.

Caleb Wickers 22 English

A fullback who loves too run, and can do for days, a dream for any winger. Brilliant going forward, but even better defensively.

Tommy Jackson 20 English

A player who can play anywhere on the pitch, but his love of tackles and physicality makes him the perfect defender.

Connor Lowe 18 English

A Tall youngster who doesn't know how too loose a header, his feet allow him too step into midfield whenever called upon.

Callum Clark 17 English

A Brilliant ball playing defender. Best at the heart of the defence, he has no problem telling players what too do despite being 17

Aiden Shaw 16 English

A hot prospect plucked from the youth side, but at 16 still has great ability too compete now. Has a special cross on him.

Jonny Richardson 28 English

A big brute at the back with good feet. More than happy too bully strikers about, whether he needs too or not.

Jay Little 21 English

Still fairly young, but he has experience, and is a fantastic leader and warrior of the club. Enjoys battles and tends too win through his sheer power.

Tom Newton 30 Austrailian

An Experienced centre back with 11 international caps, a tidy defender who is coolness personified. Can pick a pass as good as most midfielders.


Jay Flood 19 English

Simply a workhouse, but with a delicate touch of class, and pops up with the odd important goal. A heart beat of any team.

Aaron Marsh 18 English

The young man is an engine who will never stop, and never give up. He can't quit and fights for everything, but is so calm when in possession.

Casey Brown 23 English

A Skillful player who loves too dribble, the ball sticks too his feet as his pace and dribbling gives the opposition nightmares.

Harvey June 17 English

A youngster, who is mentally brilliant with a killer pass, a player who can play anywhere and can only get better.

Jack Austin 18 English

Jack, a young player, who can run for days, a massive physical presence, who knows how too use his frame.

Harvey Stones 16 English

Just 16, with no limits too his potential... and playing just like it, oozes talent at 16. Gifted with the ball at his feet.

Josh Burrows 22 English

Not the tallest man, but loves a header, a holding midfielder whose energy breaks attacks, never has the ball for more than 2 seconds.

Dan Rodgers 24 English

A utility player who is great anywhere you play him, midfield or defence. Constantly battling for every ball.

Josh Ives 19 English

A Tricky winger with bags of pace, very intelligent on and off the ball. His directness causes problems from the first too the last minute.

Medun Mehul 26 Turkish

A Fiesty Turk who loves a tackle, aggression is his game and is always pumped up, perfect for the derbies.


Will Barry-Holmes 20 English

A lightening quick academy prospect, who's always able too score no matter where he is. Has intelligence too add too his pace and finishing. Deadly.

Riley Moore 18 English

A Young striker who doesn't understand pressure, a class 1 on 1 finisher but is a real creator in the final third.

Sam Wilton 23 English

The definition of a poacher, and spends his time on defenders shoulders and his movement is a nightmare for defenders.

Emanuelle Lovett 25 French

Top drawer in the air, and with great strength brings others into play. Known too score goals, with 13 for the French U-21's.

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