The page shows the club's current facilities, as well as the club's previous facilities.

Stadium: Mill End LaneEdit

The stadium Mill End Lane is located in Hertfordshire and is the home of Hertfordshire United FC The capacity of the stadium is 5,000 seated. The stadium is of a fairly big size for its reputation and level.

The stadium was built in 2024 holding 2,000 seats before expanding too 4,000 in 2028. Due too the club being promoted and adjusting too certain footballing demands, the club expanded the stadium too hold 5,000 over the summer in 2030.

Training FaciltiesEdit

The club train at Herts Grounds, this includes a gym, pitches, canteens amongst other things, the training centre is situated 20 minutes away from the stadium, this has been the clubs training centre from day one, and is regarded as a very high rated centre for league one or two clubs, and would be good enough for Championship clubs. Hertfordshire United are very lucky.